Crail Consulting has extensive experience in a range of services that will help transform your business. These services are delivered via a bespoke mix of consultancy, training and coaching and increasingly, the use of masterclasses – help to embed improvement into your organisation.

A vision is an aspiration for an organisation, the reason they exist. It is critical to the success of an organisation. As the highly successful Innocent Company found, ” the most successful companies are clear about why they are here”.

A strategy helps to guide you towards your vision by helping to shape decisions and provide a benchmark for measuring progress towards achieving your vision.

Crail Consulting will work with you to help you identify your company vision and provide insights into how you can achieve this through development of a workable strategy.

Having great products and services is great, but what if no one knows you exist?  Marketing and Sales performance is critical to the success of any business with ambition to grow. 

Crail will help you to develop and implement Marketing and Sales strategies that will ensure you optimise your interactions across the full customer lifecycle from engagement and conversion to ongoing customer satisfaction, thereby growing your customer base and lifetime value.

Optimising productivity is critical to the success of an organisation.  However too often, productivity is based on a short-term view of the business – reducing costs without considering the future.  

Our process re-engineering skills and experience mean that we can help you to sustainably improve your processes; identify the associated capabilities that your people should have and to determine how you are going to manage your business performance.

We work with you to build a leadership team that has the focus and decision-making capabilities to steer the organisation to success. 

This includes working across the organisation to ensure that the most effective organisation structure is in place; the right people with the right skills occupy those roles; there is a common set of values and an equitable approach to managing the performance of your people.

We can help you to build and implement the skills to identify change and to make it happen through a range of services, including:

  • Leading change;
  • Determining readiness for change and planning the change journey;
  • Design and delivery of significant change;
  • Stakeholder management;
  • Change communications;
  • Embedding and sustaining change; and
  • Benefits identification and tracking

As an organisation, you want to be continuously improving.  This means keeping sight of quality and identifying further opportunities for improvement need to be part of “business as usual”.  We can help you to maintain this focus through the use of relevant performance measures; continuous improvement techniques; embedding a culture of improvement and compliance with international quality management system standards.

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